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Pat Summitt has been known to say :

"Offense Sells Tickets, Defense Wins Games, & Rebounding Wins Championships!!! 

Last night the Tennessee ladies again showed this to be true with their back to back and 8th National Championship.

Go Vols. 

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A thread I posted on the Golf Board about De Vicenzo brought up the question who else has signed their scorecard  incorrectly. One needs a correct "John Henry" on their CORRECT scorecard or days of work can be for naught. As we will see there are thousands of scorekeepers from your partner to a television viewer however ultimately it is ones own responsibility.

   Now De Vicenzo was a biggie cause it was for a Masters WIN however here are some others.


  • 2005- Padraig Harrington was disqualified when the third round leader-- for failing to sign his first-round scorecard-- prior  to the final round of the European Tour's Benson and Hedges International Open
  • 1966- Doug Sanders had a four-shot lead in the  Pensacola Open after two holes however he was so busy signing autographs he forgot to sign his scorecard.
  •  2007- Garcia Booted from PGA Championship for Incorrect Scorecard: Reinforcing golf's reputation as the only sport that tests your counting skills, Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the PGA Championship for signing scorecard one shot lower than his actual round
  • 1993 -was a hard time for Kim Young, at the Shell Houston Open. Young had a 68 first round had to be finished after a rain delay and he had to tee off for his second round. In ALL the excitement, Young found out he didn't sign his first-round scorecard.
  • Women weren't immune in 1957- Jackie Pung walked off the 18th green at Winged Foot with a 72-hole score of 298, it looked like she was the winner however she the card  had a 5 for the fourth hole instead of the 6 that she made. Even though the 18-hole total on the card was correct, Pung had signed a wrong card.
  • 1991-Paul Azinger was disqualified Doral Ryder Open after a viewer called in to report that Azinger had broken the rules by kicking some pebbles out of his way. This time the problem was the incorrect card was already signed so that 2nd place lead vanished.
  • 1992-Not one but two incorrect scorecards. One was in the third round when Nick Faldo was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard and the second disqualification happened to Nick Price, who was tied for the lead with David Frost and found out he should have taken a drop instead of taking a sign down.

I KNOW there were others including another with Nick Faldo in the 1994 Australasian Tour cause he followed a European tour rule. What DQ for scorecards do you know? Please share.

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Final Four

The Lady  Vols are again in the Elite 8 and looking for their 17th final four appearance in spite of a lethargic beginning to their sweet 16 game against Notre Dame. Next up is the Texas A&M Aggies who are looking for their first final four appearance. So the question is how far past the Elite 8 will this years Lady Vols advance. I am very interested in all opinions especially those from  all the #1 seeds are in still in play  fans/followers of the  other Women Elite 8 teams.

The Lady Vols will: any comment welcome

For those not sure the other Elite 8 games  are LSU vs North Carolina,  Rutgers vs Connecticut, Stanford vs Maryland,

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Devoted Vanderbilt Player/Fan dies

Herb Rich, a three-sport star at Vanderbilt and defensive captain of the New York Giants when they won the NFL title in 1956. A running back for the 1948 Vanderbilt team that went 8-2-1, Rich shifted to safety as a pro. A sixth-round draft pick by the Baltimore Colts, he logged seven seasons with Baltimore, the Los Angeles Rams and the New York Giants. His 23-yard average on punt returns for the 1950 Colts stands as an NFL record.

 Rich  went to Vanderbilt Law School while a NFL pro and has been practicing  law since football retirement in Nashville. Rich  was also an avid tennis player and even in his 70's was  known to still be able to run backwards on the golf course after hitting a long one at his country club. Rich had a fall at home about 3 weeks ago and death was due to complications.

Rich continued to support Vanderbilt and their athletics long after his graduation and was proud of his Vanderbilt friends of over 50 years. His most enduring legacy will be the many lives he touched. Rich was always a gentleman and a role model for future athletes and students of Vanderbilt.

Condolences to his wife Carla, 3 children, multi friends and clients and to the whole Vanderbilt community.


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Senseless Violence

It has been pointed out to me that Auburn lost a freshman girl to violence. I was not aware of this at the time. I  had learned about the UNC girl , Eva Carson, because I have a brother who knew her.

I do wish to extend my condolences to  the Auburn freshman Lauren Burk family, her Delta Gamma Sisters, friends and the whole Auburn community.

Many of the recent events just highlights that being in college is not a cocoon  against the senseless violence and the world is smaller now so many times we are individually touched by this acts of violence.

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Sterling Marlin

.Changing this blog. ALL I really wanted to say was I was proud that Sterling Marlin was being inducted in the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame on February 29th.  I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and he has always been friendly and he is a huge University of Tennessee fan. Mostly though,  Marlin  has been a class act his whole life and deserves good things for his accomplishments.

 The rest I was posted mostly was a list of wins and tributes that got him his place in the Hall of Fame thinking many would NOT know about his career however I guess if anyone interested in reading then they will know what he has done.


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The  Tennessee vs Memphis game lived up to ALL the hype for sure. Both teams played very hard. Memphis and Tennessee  had a well-played and intense first half then the statistics of being the worst foul-shooting team  caught up with the Tigers , who made just 8-of-17 from the line Saturday night.  It is great that Tennessee was able to show some rebounding skills that pre game many thought Tennessee did not possess.

The VOLS  did not appear intimidated as Lofton said (paraphrased) this is something no one can ever take away from them and the fans beating Memphis and hopefully advancing to number one.

I have laryngitis and don't remember the last time I was at sporting event where so many sat in complete shock after a game. At least no one booed my orange after the game. Now Tennessee can enjoy this for today and have to get their heads together to play Vanderbilt at Memorial Gym. A tough place to play and one due to split loyalties where I will cheer plays not teams.

I do really want to see Tennessee win the SEC outright and how they play the rest of their conference schedule will determine whether they will.

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