Posted on: April 2, 2008 1:32 pm
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A thread I posted on the Golf Board about De Vicenzo brought up the question who else has signed their scorecard  incorrectly. One needs a correct "John Henry" on their CORRECT scorecard or days of work can be for naught. As we will see there are thousands of scorekeepers from your partner to a television viewer however ultimately it is ones own responsibility.

   Now De Vicenzo was a biggie cause it was for a Masters WIN however here are some others.


  • 2005- Padraig Harrington was disqualified when the third round leader-- for failing to sign his first-round scorecard-- prior  to the final round of the European Tour's Benson and Hedges International Open
  • 1966- Doug Sanders had a four-shot lead in the  Pensacola Open after two holes however he was so busy signing autographs he forgot to sign his scorecard.
  •  2007- Garcia Booted from PGA Championship for Incorrect Scorecard: Reinforcing golf's reputation as the only sport that tests your counting skills, Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the PGA Championship for signing scorecard one shot lower than his actual round
  • 1993 -was a hard time for Kim Young, at the Shell Houston Open. Young had a 68 first round had to be finished after a rain delay and he had to tee off for his second round. In ALL the excitement, Young found out he didn't sign his first-round scorecard.
  • Women weren't immune in 1957- Jackie Pung walked off the 18th green at Winged Foot with a 72-hole score of 298, it looked like she was the winner however she the card  had a 5 for the fourth hole instead of the 6 that she made. Even though the 18-hole total on the card was correct, Pung had signed a wrong card.
  • 1991-Paul Azinger was disqualified Doral Ryder Open after a viewer called in to report that Azinger had broken the rules by kicking some pebbles out of his way. This time the problem was the incorrect card was already signed so that 2nd place lead vanished.
  • 1992-Not one but two incorrect scorecards. One was in the third round when Nick Faldo was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard and the second disqualification happened to Nick Price, who was tied for the lead with David Frost and found out he should have taken a drop instead of taking a sign down.

I KNOW there were others including another with Nick Faldo in the 1994 Australasian Tour cause he followed a European tour rule. What DQ for scorecards do you know? Please share.

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