Posted on: February 24, 2008 10:43 am


The  Tennessee vs Memphis game lived up to ALL the hype for sure. Both teams played very hard. Memphis and Tennessee  had a well-played and intense first half then the statistics of being the worst foul-shooting team  caught up with the Tigers , who made just 8-of-17 from the line Saturday night.  It is great that Tennessee was able to show some rebounding skills that pre game many thought Tennessee did not possess.

The VOLS  did not appear intimidated as Lofton said (paraphrased) this is something no one can ever take away from them and the fans beating Memphis and hopefully advancing to number one.

I have laryngitis and don't remember the last time I was at sporting event where so many sat in complete shock after a game. At least no one booed my orange after the game. Now Tennessee can enjoy this for today and have to get their heads together to play Vanderbilt at Memorial Gym. A tough place to play and one due to split loyalties where I will cheer plays not teams.

I do really want to see Tennessee win the SEC outright and how they play the rest of their conference schedule will determine whether they will.

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